Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Weight Watchers Day 2

Today was my second day doing Weight Watchers. I wasn't nearly as hungry today as I was yesterday. I was quite thankful for that! I did better in some places and worse in others. I didn't stay within my 40 points today and I ended up using some weekly points. I played a little more with the app and figured out how to email myself all of my food so it was in one place. I had to crop and edit some stuff though. I went to Safeway to grab some extra veggies for the rest of the week, but the organic section was a bit cleaned out. I'm not really sure what was up, but they didn't have the cucumbers or strawberries that I was hoping for. I was pretty bummed. I guess I'll have to tough it out for a few days! Hopefully yesterday was just an oddity because of it being the first day on the plan and my body wasn't used to all of the cardio. The times aren't exact since I didn't log food as I actually ate it.

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