Wednesday, January 14, 2015

21 Day FIx Day 17 Lower Fix

Day 17: Lower Fix

Today was Day 17 which was Lower Fix. I did this one for the first time on Day 3. You can read about it on my 21 Day Fix Day 3 Lower Fix post. Today was the first day that I really just didn't want to work out. I normally wake up before my alarm goes off, but not today. I shut it off and just couldn't get up. I eventually got up and almost convinced myself to just workout after work, but I got up and I got it done. It's really funny that I was so dreading doing the same workouts for three weeks in a row, but I got into this one and couldn't remember anything that was coming. I kept trying to remember what else we had left, but all I could remember was the bonus round at the end. I felt like I had PiYo memorized, but with these, I just can't remember them. 

I did pretty well with most of this. The split squats were pretty torturous, but I only took one break on each set. The first leg was because I was slipping off the mat. The second leg was just crazy hard, so I needed the break. The bonus round was really hard last week. I survived the first leg, but the second leg needed breaks like every 5 to 10 seconds. This time, I decided to start on my left leg. I managed to get through it without a break. My right leg lasted about 30 seconds and then I needed a break. I needed another couple of breaks after that too. The second leg is just sooooo much harder. 

This was my last time doing this workout for this round. I'm almost done! Only four more workouts and then I'm done! I had planned on starting Pump on February 2nd, but a friend is going to let me borrow her Body Beast so I think I'm still going to take two weeks and do Les Mills Combat, but I think I'm going to do Body Beast on the 2nd. My husband bought a weight bench and I want to use it! It's amazing! 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here is my screen shot from the workout. 

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