Saturday, November 29, 2014

Review of Daily Burn Day 39: Yoga Core Flow

Day 39: Yoga Core Flow

This one is tagged as a Hard workout. It's not exaggerating either. It was HARD! Keep in mind that I'm 266 pounds though, so I've got fat that gets in the way. I'm usually able to find a way to modify things so I can get the most out of the workout. Today, was one of the few times where I just came up with nothing on a move or two so I just watched her. 

The workout is 61 minutes. We started off with some stretching. Then we quickly got into the workout. This is another flow that doesn't have the option to fast forward at any point so I can't do a play by play. There was a lot of Down Dog in this one and a lot of Plank stuff. There was also some Warrior 1, Warrior 2 and Warrior 3. We held Warrior 3 for what felt like forever. My legs were killing me by the time this one was over. We did some more work towards getting into a handstand too. We were down in Dolphin position and we hopped up on one foot. It went better this time. I actually got some space between my foot and the floor. 

This was called a Core Flow and I remember some intense core things, but I feel like my legs got more work than my Core. Maybe I just wasn't doing some of the stuff correctly. The Core stuff was mainly in the beginning. We did a V sit and then went back to laying down and then up into the v again. We did that I think for like 10 reps. We did one thing where we were kind of in a v sit and then rolled to one hip then we laid our upper body back down and then crunched up towards it. We did that a few times on each side. We also did one thing that was super hard! We were in a Down Dog position and then raised one leg. We already know I hate split down dog. Then we brought that knee to our chest. Not something I can actually do, but I get it as far as I can. Then we touched the knee down quickly and lifted it back up and raised our butts up. We did that several times. It was hard, but it wasn't complete torture I supposed. 

Overall, this workout was mostly doable. Towards the end, we did a shoulder stand and I couldn't do that. This series has made me fall in love with Yoga. It will be interesting to see if I still love Yoga when I have a different instructor. I really like her. She's fun and happy.

BodyMedia Screen Shot

None of these Yoga workouts show much of a calorie burn on the BodyMedia device, but I was sweating my butt off and my heart was beating hard. 

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