Saturday, November 15, 2014

Review of Daily Burn Day 22: Yoga Full Flow

Day 22: Yoga Full Flow

For Day 22, I did another Yoga workout. I'm really loving these. This one was 60 minutes. It took everything from the first three workouts, Surya A, Surya B Warrior 1, and Warrior 2. This thing was intense! It's another one that doesn't have an option to fast forward, so I'm not doing a play by play. We started off with some stretching. I haven't been doing this yoga stuff for very long now, but I'm getting more flexible. I'm sure PiYo started working on that for me, but I think the foam rolling and yoga is helping too. I can pull my knees closer to my chest and I can reach my knees further to the floor while keeping my shoulder on the floor during the supine twist stuff! 

Once we were done with all of the stretching, we got into the workout. We did a lot of the vinyasa thing where you go from Down Dog to Plank to chataraga (I'll learn to spell that one day) to Up Dog to Down Dog. We did the some Warrior 1. We also did a Warrior 2 series. I wish I knew the names of all of these things, but I don't. The Warrior 2 morphed into a reverse Warrior 2 and then we morphed into something else and then into what I think is Triangle, but she calls it by the traditional name. Then we did some half moon or as she calls it, Starfish. She's really playful and it makes it fun.

Once all of that stuff was done, we got back onto our backs and did some ab work. We did some windshield wiper move like we've done in a previous workout. I must be doing this one wrong because it doesn't seem too hard, but then we did another move which was crazy intense stuff! We held our mat on the edges and lifted our feet off the mat just an inch or so. We then lifted them up straight in the air. We went back and forth with that. I actually couldn't do all of them. It was insane! 

Once all of that was done, we did more stretching. I felt pretty good after the workout was over. I was all stretched out! Late in the night I did some foam rolling. I'm feeling pretty dang good right now! All stretched and massaged! It feels great! 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here is the screen shot. It's not very impressive once again, but it's Yoga, so there isn't much bouncing around going on. I'm sure I'll have a nice little afterburn like with strength training. This Yoga stuff us work! 

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