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Review of Daily Burn Day 14: DBK3 Kettlebells

Day 14: DBK3 Kettlebells

I finally did it! I made the jump to DBK3. I actually watched the remaining four workouts before doing it. I didn't watch them in their entirety, but I did look at each of the 8 moves in each of the four workouts. Some of them are going to be INSANE! I'll save that for another post though. For now, I'll focus on DBK3. 

This has the same format as the previous two workouts. There is about 10ish minutes of mobility stuff like leg saws, arm circles, knee circles and other stuff like that. Then we get to the workout! It's 8 moves and each move lasts 30 seconds. There are four rounds with a one minute break between rounds. Then there is another 15ish minutes of yoga. I love the kettlebell parts of this, but there are times where I think about the math. So you have 8 moves for 30 seconds each with a 10 minute rest period. So each round is 5 minutes and there are 4 rounds so you have a total of 20 minutes of kettlebell stuff (that's if you include the rest periods) in a 51 minute workout. That's less than half the workout going towards kettlebells. It's a little annoying. I really wish we could condense that down to like a 30 minute workout or add two rounds and drop off some of the yoga and mobility stuff since this workout program is loaded with that stuff.

Okay back to the workout.......The warm up mobility stuff was very similar to the others. I wish each of them was completely unique to ease any risk of boredom, but it's not. Oh well. This one started off with alternating handcuff planks. I always thought that we had plank and side plank and that was it. I'm learning so many new things with Daily Burn. If you've never seen or done them, handcuff planks are like normal planks, but then you pick up one hand and touch it to your lower back where you hand would go if you were in handcuff. I didn't think there would be any way in hell that I could do this, but I did it. If we were doing elbow planks, I don't think I would have been able to. It's only 30 seconds too so that helps.

The next move was front squats. I'm not sure why it's called a front squat, but I don't care really. We held the bell in a "racked" position. (Where you end up once you "clean it up.") We then did squats. Not too hard, not too exciting.

The next two moves were done without the kettlebell. They were to teach us proper form for something coming up in future workouts. The first was the One Leg Balance Stick. This one was a bit hard for me. It was the beginnings of doing a one leg deadlift. We leaned forward and stretched our arms in front as we picked up one foot and stretched that leg behind us. My balance sucks so this was pretty hard. I'm not really sure how this will go once I've got some weight in my hands.

The next was the Bodyweight Windmill. We did the windmill position, but we had no kettlebell. Not much else to describe on that one.

Then we finally did a fun one! Floor cleans! The bell is on the ground and you do a deadlift type of position to grab it and pull it up. It ends up in a racked position with your hand up by your shoulder. I like this! They didn't seem too terribly difficult.

Next came the kneeling press. We started with the bell in the racked position like after you do a clean. We were kneeling on one knee while doing this. We pressed the bell up as we moved forward a little bit. Then we lowered it as we moved back to the starting position. This was hard with a 15 pound bell, but I made it through and didn't have to skip any reps.

Then we revisited the single arm bent row, but this time we lifted the bell on each pull instead of every other. 

Then came more fun stuff! We did a single arm kneeling swing. The name says it all on that one. I really liked this one! Between this and the floor cleans, I felt like I was finally doing a kettlebell workout and not just working out using a kettlebell. Loved it! 

I loved this workout! I knew that I was going to be hurting the next day! I thought it would actually be my legs that would hurt, but it turned out to be my back. It was the weirdest thing though. It was my ENTIRE back. I've done back day before and really been sore the next day, but it was always in certain spots like my lats or my lower back from back extensions. This was the first time that my ENTIRE back was sore. My rear delts and traps down to just above my glutes. It was crazy. It felt amazing! I always loved back day partly because I was good at it, but partly because it felt so amazing the next day to have DOMS in my back! 

The program has you do DBK3 and the next day DBK4. I decided to do Yoga the day after since I don't like the idea of working the same muscles two days in a row. I think it was a good idea. I'm writing this two days after the workout, and my back is still a wee bit sore. I'm looking forward to doing it again. I love that I'm getting into more of the kettlebell moves! Woot woot.

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here it is! I burn less calories according to this than they say I should. Oh well.

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