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Review of Beachbody PiYo Day 57 part 2: Hard Core on the Floor

Day 57 Part 2: Hard Core on the Floor

For some reason, I never did the free workout while doing this round of PiYo. It was on the schedule so I could pick doing Core or Hard Core on the Floor and I always just picked Core. Some of it was because I knew the Core workout and I knew I could survive it. Part of it was also knowing that I wouldn't have time to go back and do the play by play post. I think part of it was also knowing that I would have a new workout to do once I finished the round. 

This workout was just over 33 minutes. It started with a warm up that was just under 3 minutes. We started off rolling down into a forward fold and then rolling back up. This workout had the same modifier as all of the others. After we rolled up and down a few times we got down on all fours. Then we did cat/cows. We arched our backs up and then rounded them down. After that, we tucked one leg up to our chest and then extended it back a few times. Then we did the opposite leg. Then we did a crouching position and then up to Down Dog. We went back down to the crouching position and back to Down Dog a few times. Then we were back on all fours and then to Child's Pose. 

Then we did the Primal to Traditional section. It was about 11 and a half minutes. We started off in all fours and then went into Beast. It's like being in all fours, but we picked our knees up an inch or so off the floor. This move is just HARD! We held that a couple times and then went into the kick through. We started off slow. We did Beast and then rocked over to on hip. We alternated like that for a bit. The pace picked up on that. Then we lifted the bottom leg up and didn't have the hip touch the floor. I followed the modifier and kept doing the beginning step. As she went on, she lifted her foot higher. Then we held the kick through position and lowered the hip down and then lifted it up. Then we sat the hip down and rolled back onto our backs and then rolled back up and did a crunch with that leg up. This was just madness. I think I may have modified this more than the modifier did. Then we went into Child's Pose for a little bit of a rest before we did it all again on the other side. Then we sat on our butts with our knees bent and our feet on the floor in front of us. We started a V-Sit series. We started off just alternating lifting one foot up off the floor. Then both legs went up and down at the same time. Then we laid down flat and pulled up into a v-sit with the legs up straight. This was hard for me! Then we laid back down and put our legs straight up. We picked crunched up at an angle and brought an elbow to the opposite knee. Then we scissored our legs while doing this. Then we laid back down with our knees bent. We stretched our right arm  out to the side and rolled our knees towards that side. Then we extended the legs while crunching the other elbow towards that side. Then we did some knee circles and started the other side. 

The next section was called Primal. It was just under seven minutes. We went into a v sit again with our feet off the floor. We rolled back onto our backs and then rolled forward, but we to stop before our feet hit the floor. She showed this with a straight leg option too which was harder. Then we moved into a PiYo pedal. It was sort of like the leg portion of a bicycle, but we were in a v-sit position. We leaned back while doing this which made it way harder. Then we came back up and alternated that a bit. Then we moved into a Side Plank with a knee down. We lifted the top leg and bent it back behind us. We then brought it forward into a crunch as our arm came down to meet it. Then we added a kick. This move is in Core as well. I kinda like it. Then we switched and did the other side. Then we went back onto all fours for more Beast pose. Then we flipped so we were on our butts again and did Roman Twists. She suggested doing them with our feet off the floor to make them harder. Then we went back to Beast. We were supposed to switch between these positions quickly. We then tapped a hand to our opposite knee. These were so hard. The modifier did some up, but a lot were on her knees. Then we switched back to Roman Twists and back to Beast. More tapping the opposite knees. Back to Roman Twists. 

The next section was called Plank to Elbow Plank and it was 8 minutes. We started out with Plank. We pulled the knee in and then extended the leg back. Then we pulled it in, pressed it back, lifted it up, let it down and then started that again. Then we went to Elbow plank. We rotated to one side and then tapped that hip down to the floor and then lifted it up high. This was sooooo hard! Child's Pose! YES! Then we did it all on the other side. Then we went to Down Dog. And Down Dog Split. We all know by now how much I hate Down Dog Splits! Then we pulled the knee down into Plank and then back to Down Dog Splits a few times. Then we tapped the ankle down to the other ankle and went back to Down Dog Split a few times. Then we did them together. Then we did Child's Pose and switched to the other side. More Elbow Plank! Which turned into an InchWorm. We walked our feet forward and our butts went up into the air then we walked it back out. That was less than fun! More Plank! We held it and then did a slow push up. Then we went to Plank and then Down Dog. We went through this a few times. 

The last section was just over four minutes it was Back Extensions and Cool Down. We were in a Low Cobra position and then lifted one arm up over the floor in front of us. Then both arms went up for like the upper body portion of a Superman. I love Supermans. I'm not sure why, but I just do. Then we added the feet. We went up into a superman and crossed the feet while doing a lat pull with the arms. We held it and then stretched back out and laid down. She said it was called a Sea Turtle. We did a few of those and then went to Child's Pose for a moment. Then we laid on our stomachs for a bit. We reached back and grabbed a foot to do a quad stretch. We switched sides. Then we got up onto all fours to do a few more cat / cows. 

Overall, this was intense, but it was doable. I kinda wished that I had done it earlier in the program so I had gotten through it more than just the one time. I'll do it more when I go through my Les Mills Combat/PiYo hybrid.

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here is my less than impressive screen shot. It still annoys me that it thinks I only had 8 minutes of activity. I was sweating my butt off! Oh well! 


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