Saturday, October 18, 2014

Review of Daily Burn Kettlebells Day 3

Day 3: Kettlebells 2 (DBK2)

I was a bit sore when I woke up Friday morning. I was tempted to just roll back over and stay in bed for another hour. This whole plan of doing Daily Burn Kettlebells while finish up PiYo was a bit of madness, but I got up and I did the workout. I'm glad I did it too!

I just love this program so far. I'm sure I'll get bored with it soon enough since I seem to have a touch of ADD when it comes to workout programs. I think I loved PiYo in the beginning and now I just want to be done. I still love some of PiYo, but I'm just not thrilled with Drench and Sweat, and it seems like I'm constantly doing one or the other.

Okay, so DBK2 follows the same format as DBK1. You've got your 10ish minute warmup which was basically the same warmup as the first workout. I hope the warm up changes for DBK3 because having the same warm up over and over again really makes the workouts seem like they are the same.

After the warm up, you've got 8 moves and 4 rounds for each one. You do each move for 30 seconds. If the exercise is for one side of your body, you do the right side for rounds 1 and 3 and the left side for rounds 2 and 4.

We started out with alternating planks. I was a bit confused when he said what we were going to do because I never thought you did much in plank other than hang out. It's alternating side planks, but he doesn't use the word side. So you start out in plank and then go to a side plank, back to plank and then side plank on the other side. I didn't think this was going to go well for me, but it really wasn't that bad. I probably didn't have the best side plank form, but I'll get better.

We also did Goblet Squats. I had never heard of a Goblet Squat before. We held the bell up by our chests and then we just squatted. The bell never moved. It was simple enough with my 15 pound bell. Then we moved on to a Suitcase Deadlift. This was another move that I had never heard of. It was basically a one armed dead lift with the bell on the outside of our foot. I kept trying to squat with it instead of making it a deadlift. I also had a hard time keeping my shoulders square.

Then we did the kneeling windshield wiper. I love the names they come up with for this stuff. So you're kneeling  on one knee and you have one knee up with the foot touching the ground and you form a 90 degree angle with the leg that's up. So you end p getting the kettlebell in the arm of the raised knee. So then you touch the floor with the opposite hand while keeping the bell up in the air. Then you make a windshield wiper move with the foot of the down knee. I don't really get why the foot moves, but it does. I had a hard time keeping my 10 pound bell up in the air.

Then we did a kneeling clean. You're in the same position as the last move. The bell gets swung between your legs and then you pull it up into a clean. I don't really get why it's called a clean. I did this one with the 10 pound bell, and it worked out okay.

Then we did the Pistol Press. We held the bell in both hands and lifted it up over our heads. I did this with the 10 pound bell, and it went okay. After that, we moved onto the Bent Row. We alternated using the bell and doing one without the bell. I'm pretty sure I used the 15 pound bell for this move, but I might have used the 10. I love rows. I love how they work my back. I love how my back feels the day after I've done back day! I was pretty happy to be doing this little move!

Then we did the Box Jump. After watching The Biggest Loser last year, I thought a box jump was jumping onto a box. For anyone who watched last season, you should remember the one contestant who couldn't do box jumps. She had the height, but she just couldn't do it. She finally did it before the end of the season. So he says Box Jump and I say, "Hell to the No!" Turns out, he wants you to sit on a box and then jump up. I used my window seat and I survived.

After the Box Jump, we went into the cool down which was all yoga stretches. It was very similar to the DBK1. I liked Pigeon, Frog and Dying Warrior the best. I'm not a fan of One Armed Locust.

BodyMedia Screen Shots

I'm having fun with Kettlebells, but apparently, they aren't a huge burn for me either according to the BodyMedia device. I'm hoping that once I bump up to the next set up workouts that I'll get a better burn. These first two are just to start working with the bell and teach us about the hip swing. I know that doing the Kettlebell Swing gets me really out of breath so I know it's going to burn a ton of calories when I get there. I just need to get there!

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