Saturday, October 25, 2014

Review of Beachbody PiYo Day 55

Day 55: Sculpt

Today was Day 55 of PiYo! Only one day left before I earn my T-shirt that won't fit me! Woot Woot! It's a good thing that they give away free T-shirts. Otherwise, I might not have made it through the full 8 weeks. For some reason, getting a free T-shirt really inspires me to get off my butt and do this! Look at what happened with Kettlebells? I managed the first week just find, but couldn't find time to fit in the second week. They didn't offer me a t-shirt! 

Okay so Sculpt is one of the workouts that I actually kinda like. It's HARD, but it's good! Lots of squats, lots of lunges and lots of push ups, but it's all good. There's not much yoga stuff in this one. I'm not opposed to yoga though, that't not why I like this one. I does have one little section of that Split Down Dog thing, but other than that, it doesn't resemble Drench of Sweat in any way, shape or form. I'm not bored by this one because I don't feel like I'm doing it every other flipping day. It's once a week at most. 

This workout has soooooo many lunges! I'm getting better at them though. I took less breaks. I did bail before she was done with those bowlers where we just stayed down and pulsed them. Those are TORTURE! I'm getting so much deeper in my squats and better with my lunges! I'm going to miss this workout. It won't be too terribly long before I do it again though. It will be in my Les Mills / PiYo Hybrid workout. Now that I'm almost done with PiYo, I can work on that calendar! 

One workout left! Tomorrow is Drench! I'm going to do Hardcore on the Floor tomorrow too though so my PiYo round doesn't end on Drench.

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here is my rather unimpressive BodyMedia screen shot. I really do miss the crazy calorie burns of Les Mills Combat! I might have to do a week of Combat once the Kettlebells are done! However, I still have 21 Day Fix to do and I'm going to order Pump! I need to just quit my job and workout all bloody day!

Want to Learn More? Watch the video

If you're interested in buying PiYo, make sure you buy it from a Coach so you get the extra DVD for free. If you don't have a coach, you can buy it through me at my Beachbody page


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