Thursday, September 4, 2014

Review of Beachbody PiYo Day 3

Day 3: Define Upper Body

Today was Day 3 of PiYo for me. Day 3 is Define Upper Body. This was my first time doing this workout. I was a little sore from yesterday. I'm not sure that sore is really the word for it. I could feel that I had worked out yesterday, but I wasn't in pain. It was more of a weakness in my muscles. I had no problems getting in or out of my chair and doing the stairs was easy enough, but when I clenched my muscles, I could tell that I had worked them the day before. Even my biceps were feeling it from yesterday. I was really looking forward to this workout since I liked Define Lower Body yesterday. 

The Workout

This workout was 19 minutes long. It starts with a 10 second commercial on Shakeology. Then a screen came up to tell me that I should have water, a towel and a yoga mat. It did say the mat was optional. 

Once it flips to the workout, it starts up pretty quickly. It was filmed at the same time as Define Lower Body, so it's a seamless transition. The first segment was 8 minutes and 20 seconds. It was called Full Body Fusion. We started off on our hands and knees. She talked about posture while we did some back stretches. We rounded our back and then lengthened the spine. We went right into Child's Pose. Then the fun began! We got onto our knees and did some tricep pushups. I just can't do these! She says that it's impossible to do these when your elbows pop out, but it's the only way that I can do them! I thought I was so close to doing real push ups on my toes, but now I'm at the beginning again. More Child's Pose and then up into Plank on the hands. Plank on hands is so much easier than elbows! We then walked our hands back to our feet and rolled up. We went into a PiYo push up series. We curled down and walked three paces forward. We then did three push ups and walked our hands back. Once we rolled up, we squatted into Chair. Then we did elbow plank. Our feet were supposed to be super close. Then we went from Plank to Pike and back again a few times. Then we stayed in Pike. Pike is pretty much Down Dog, but you're on your elbows. All of these names were hard for me. Oh time to sit on our butts while she talked a little bit. We rolled back down so we were on our back. We put our feet up and did a Criss Cross, which was basically bicycles. They seemed to last forever! Most of the moves go pretty quick. We just do a few, but the Criss Cross just kept going! Then we laid down on our back and she talked a bit more while we put our hands under our lower back. Then the arms went to the sky while our legs stayed on the ground. We curled up in a "PiYo roll up" Once we were up, we rolled back down. I had to put my elbows on the floor. Even then, my feet popped up at times. Then we bent our knees and held on to our thighs while we leaned back and did the leg part of a bicycle. She called it the PiYo Pedal. I kinda liked this one! 

The next segment was 7 minutes 23 seconds. It was called Core and More. We went right into Plank on our hands. Odd that this was called Core and More when I felt like we just did a bunch of core! We went right into a Side Plank. I started off on my knee and then went into the full Side Plank when she told the modifier to do it. I found the Side Plank much easier on the hands than the elbows. Then we curled under so the reaching arm would come down under and reach through the space between our bodies and the floor. She called it the PiYo Pike. Then we went to Child's Pose again. Except Mike did Plank during that. We flipped sides and did the Side Plank on the Other side. The PiYo Pike was interesting. I just had a hard time doing it while not watching the screen. I'll do better next time. Back to Plank! Then we went back onto our butts for V Sit. We leaned back and took our feet up off the floor. I kind of liked this move! The next part was even more fun. We flexed our back and then rolled back and foward. We stopped ourselves before our feet hit the floor. I could really feel this in the abs. It was about the most fun ab workout I've ever done! Back on all fours! We did Beast. This one was a little challenging for me. I think I cheated a bit. The next part was really hard! We were supposed to hold Beast and then touch our right hand to our left thigh and then left hand to right thigh. I couldn't do it! Oh the next part was kind of fun. I can't really describe it, but we rolled to the side and sat on one hip, we then rolled back to sit on the opposite hip. Then she lifted the bottom leg up off the ground and didn't sit on her hip. I couldn't do that part! I did the modified version for sure. Back to Plank! Then we put our legs wide and our hands wide for four push ups. I did them on my knees! Back to Child's Pose.

The next segment was just under 3 minutes and it was the Strength Series. Back to Plank and tricep pushups. I just can't do them even on my knees! Back to Child's Pose. We then crouched down. Then we did Crouching Crow or Crouching Pushups. Our weight was on our hands as we did push ups while crouching. it's another one I can't really explain. Just Google the positions and you'll get to see videos I'm sure. Back to Child's Pose. Then one last set of tricep pushups and more Child's Pose. 

I think in time, I'll get better at these once I figure out what I'm doing, but this workout is only in the program two more times, so I hope I get better fast! I didn't enjoy this one as much as the one from yesterday, but that was probably mainly due to the fact that I just can't do those dang tricep pushups! Tomorrow is Sweat. I'm a it nervous about it because I feel like it's going to be fast paced and it's hard for me to do fast paced stuff when I'm off balanced and focusing on form, but at least I'll get lots of practice with Sweat because it's in the program until the end. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

I just did the workout tab again because you really can't see anything on the website. It doesn't look like much more than me walking around getting my meals packed for the day. Another very non-impressive burn. It's only 19 minutes, but I've still gotten a better burn in a 10 minute workout. I know I can't focus just on the burn. This will make me stronger and stronger will burn more calories while sitting on my butt. It's still hard to not feel bummed about the lack of a burn though. 

Want to Learn More? Watch the video


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