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Review of Beachbody PiYo Day 10

PiYo Day 10: Core

Today was my first time doing Core. Let's just say that it's a good thing this was not my first PiYo workout because I might not have kept going. This thing was BRUTAL! 

The workout was about 30 minutes. We started out with a 3 minute warm up. We rolled down and then back up again a few times. Then we got down on all fours and did some rounding and extending. Then we pulled a knee in and pushed the foot out behind us. We did it a few times on each leg. I have a tendency to close my eyes while doing this stuff. While watching this to give my play by play, I realized that I didn't do things correctly. Okay then we went down into Crouching Down Dog and then up to Down Dog. We did that a few times. Then we stayed in Down Dog. After that, we walked our feet to our hands and stood up. 

The next segment was about 4 and a half minutes. It was sanding abs. We did a standing crunch with one of our legs back in a slight lunge position. Then we did a crunch while bringing that back leg forward. Then the knee got pulled up. I didn't do so well with that. Then we did a curtsy type lunge position and crunched to the side. The whole time we did all this our arms were up over our heads. My shoulders were on fire! Then we did three crunches to one side and then a tap. hen we did Curtsly lunges and the tap. Oh and then they balanced on one leg while doing side crunches with the knee coming up, but never touching the floor! Then we did some fanning up and rolling down. We did it all over again on the other side. I had to follow Michelle, the modifier, for a bunch of this. I love Chalene. She smiles while we're doing something that is torture for me. More fanning and folding.

The next segment was about 6 and a half minutes. We got right down into Plank and then right up to Down Dog. We did the Split Down Dog. Then we tapped the ankle down. While doing the tap, we were supposed to lower down into Plank and then go back up to Split Down Dog, but I just moved my leg since I wasn't watching. Then we pulled the knee forward while doing that. Torture! Oh then into Plank again. Oh I really messed this part up. We were supposed to pull the knee forward and then push it back and then have it come out forward to the side. Oh Plank on the elbow! But we got to put a knee down. Then we pulled the knee out and towards our elbows. After a few of those, we kept the leg straight and swept it out to the side. Torture! Oh yay! Child's Pose. Then we did it all on the other side. Back to Plank on the hands. Then we went right into Side Plank. We reached to the front of the room and then lowerd our hips as we lowered our arm back to the body. Then we did the PiYo Pike again. From side Plank we took the raised arm and rotated it down under our body while our butt went higher in the air. Then we did Child's Pose and did the whole series again on the other side. Back to Plank and then Child's Pose.

The next segment was about 8 and a half minutes. We got to sit on our butts again! Then we went back down on the floor and did Criss Cross (or bicycles as I've always known them). There are very few moves where she has you do a bunch of reps and Criss Cross is one of them! I hate Criss Cross. Then we put our hands in front of us and pushed them on our thighs. I didn't really get the hand part of this, but I tapped my thighs with her. Then we reached an arm up behind our head and alternated that while Criss Crossing. Then we went back to the regular Criss Cross. To make it even more fun we then alternated our arms straight out which was hard! Way to many Criss Crosses. Then we laid back with our arms up to the sky. We rolled up off the floor and then went back down. We did this several times. I had to use my elbows to get up. More Side Plank! We did the arm over head with the hip going up and then the arm coming down with the hips going down. More PiYo Pike! Oh this turned fun. We then did the back flat thing and roll up of the floor. Then we did the Side Plank with the arm over the head with the hip thing then we did the PiYo Plank. We did that whole series for a few times. My brain had more issues with this one than my body did. More Criss Cross! We did the hand thing with the knees and also the arm stretched out while doing Criss Cross. We got a little stretch and then we did more peeling off the floor. We then did all the stuff on the other side. 

The next segment was just over 4 minutes. We then did the PiYo Pedal. We were sitting back behind our sit bones and we pulled our legs up. We held our legs behind our knees and alternated stretching out or legs. We did four counts leaning back and then four counts in a more upright position. We started out slow and then went faster. We rolled back and then rolled back up. Then we got on all fours again. I"m not really sure why we went to all fours though because we then went right into a Side Plank. We then bent the upper leg back and our arm went back with it. Then it came forward and we kind of crunched. Then the leg kicked forward instead of just being bent. Maybe this little move is why my back is sore! (not bad sore though) Back to all fours and then Child's Pose. Back to all fours and then Side Plank to do that on the other side. 

The next segment was just over three minutes. It was the cool down! We started in Child's Pose. Then we got on all fours. We did the back rounding and extending thing from the warm up. We then went into Child's Pose with one arm going under the opposite arm and stretching out. Then we had a mini Shakeology commercial. She says she's not paid to tell us to drink it. Back up on all fours and back arching. Then we were back on our butts in a sort of V-sit. Then we had a little commercial for the Turbo Wear. Except, I thought she said Turtle Wear the first time! We crossed our ankles or put our feet together and stretched out a bit. She then talked about getting sore from the workout and it's okay to feel it in your back which made me feel better. I'm okay with upper back pain after a workout, but low back pain after a workout makes me nervous! 

I'm sitting here now at 8:00 PM. I did the workout at 4:30 AM. I already feel DOMS setting in. I actually felt it setting in around 4:00 PM while I was still at work. I'm amazed at how my back feels. I feel like I did a punch of lat pull downs and back extensions. My obliques are yelling at me as well. My abs are talking, but it's more of a whisper compared to everything else. I'm afraid to wake up in the morning! If I feel like this now, I might not be able to move in the morning! 

Tomorrow on the calendar is Define: Upper Body, but I did that yesterday to make up for being a day behind due to my Tuesday start day. I'm going to do Saturday's workout tomorrow. So tomorrow for me will be Sweat. I'll take Saturday and Sunday as Rest Days since we're going hiking on Sunday. It's going to be an amazing hike too! That will leave me a day behind again though so on Monday, I have to do Core which is Sunday's workout plus Define: Upper Body which is Monday's workout. I'm not really sure how well that's going to go, but I'm going to give it a try. Tuesday will be another new workout! Saturday next week is another new workout! YAY! Then the following Tuesday I can either do Core again or do Hardcore on the Floor which was the Free workout that I got for buying it through my Coach. If you need a coach so you can get the free workout, you can use my coach link. I want to make sure you get your Free DVD! 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

It's not too terribly impressive, but I know I've got to have a good after burn from these workouts. I can't have this much muscle activity going on hours later and not be burning extra calories. The BodyMedia device doesn't think I'm burning more than my normal 1.6 when sitting on my butt doing nothing, but the more I read about these types of devices, the more I realize that it's all just math based on movement. It has sensors that read my temperature, but I don't think my temperature gets elevated in my arm when my butt is quivering from an intense workout. I could be wrong though. Random thoughts, I really wish the PiYo calendar was in a book like the Les Mills Combat one. this is just a big sheet of paper that gets folded up like a map. Folding a map for me is about as complex as origami and all of the folding and unfolding is starting ot show on the calendar. I know I'm supposed to post it on the wall someplace, but I don't need to advertise to everyone who enters my house that I'm doing PiYo. Although, maybe I should! The next time that someone comes knocking on my door to tell me how I can let God into my life, I think I should show them my PiYo calendar and tell them how they can let fitness into their life! 

Want to Learn More? Watch the video

If you're interested in buying PiYo, make sure you buy it from a Coach so you get the extra DVD for free. If you don't have a coach, you can buy it through me at my Beachbody page


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