Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Review of Beachbody PiYo Day 1 and Starting Stats

PiYo Day 1: Align Fundamentals

I started PiYo yesterday. I've had the DVDs for over a month, but I was doing Les Mills Combat when they came. Once I finished up Les Mills Combat, I needed a break from the commitment of a 60 day program. I did a 10 day trial to Gaiam TV. I still have to write a blog post about that. During my 10 day free trial, I had a bit of a melt down physically and then decided to take an entire week off from exercise. That week ended two days ago. I stressed out pretty much for the entire week over what I was going to do next. I have a 60 day free trial to Daily Burn that I really want to do and have to start before the middle of October. They have a kettlebell program that I'm dying to try, but I have no kettlebells and it wasn't in the budget to buy them just yet. On Monday, I decided to start PiYo! 

Yesterday was my first day. Day 1 of PiYo isn't really a workout. It's an instructional video that helps you learn about alignment and form. It lasted about 45 minutes. You learn a few of the poses and actually do some of them. It wasn't a workout, but I still felt it. I felt taller after it was over. My muscles felt pretty stretched out. I learned some things as well. I'm glad she put this as the Day 1 "workout" on the calendar. It wasn't like that on Les Mills. I did it on Day 1 with Les Mills, but I still did the full workout too. It was nice to sort of ease into PiYo. 

Chalene is a very interesting woman. During the video, she walked around to the three people who were doing the moves. She then would discuss their form. She really liked the guy who was there, but seemed rather unimpressed with one of the women. She talked about how she would open her hip at a point when she wasn't supposed to. She then would poke her in the butt to try to get her hip to the correct place. The woman was on one foot at the time and having balance issues already. Chalene would try to reshape her and then she held her arm and told her that she had her. I don't think she was reassured. The poor thing looked like she was going to fall over. During one segment with the guy, she knelt down next to him and started to pull up the leg of his short so we could all see his hamstring. She pretty much manhandled everyone at least a few times. I love how she just seemed to think of everyone in terms of posture and muscles. 

I really wanted to come home from work and do the next workout! Maybe doing it after the fundamentals would have been a better idea for me. I'm not so sure I would have gotten through it though. The fundamentals was about 45 minutes long. Stacking those two on the same day would have been rough for me. 

I did't bother posting the workout tab screenshot from my BodyMedia Link device. It did show 117 calories with no activity. That's about 50 calories more than if I had been sitting on my couch. Woot Woot! Not bad for a few yoga poses.

Starting Stats

After I posted, I realized that I didn't include my starting stats

Weight - 272
Right Arm - 16
Left Arm - 16
Bust - 49
Chest - 44
Waist - 50.5
Hips - 56.25
Right Thigh - 31.5
Left Thigh - 31.75
Pants - 42 comfortably
Shirts - I'm still quite cozy in a 3x, but I can wear a 2x and be fine
Fat % - 45.4% (according to my Omron Fat Monitor that I still need to write about)

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