Sunday, September 14, 2014

My Mission to Accept Yogurt into My Life Part 7 - Chocolate Shakeology with Homemade Yogurt

Chocolate Shakeology with Homemade Yogurt

My hubby made me some homemade yogurt with our Cuisinart yogurt maker. It was intended to be used for my Frozen Yogurt, but I had more yogurt than I needed for my Froyo and I needed to use it up before it went bad, so I put some in my morning Shakeology. I used a full scoop of shakeology, 8 ounces of milk and about 1/3 cup of my yogurt. The yogurt was thin enough that I was able to mix it up in the shaker cup. 

Normally, I'm still hungry right after I drink my Shakelolgy, but not so much today. I ate breakfast simply because hubby cooked it and it was yummy, but I didn't need it. I wasn't hungry all morning. I ended up eating lunch pretty late in the day only because I knew I needed to eat. It wasn't because I was hungry. I think I'm going to keep putting the yogurt into my morning Shakeology. It will give me extra dairy, extra probiotics and extra protein. We used full fat milk for the yogurt and I used full fat milk, so the calorie count was a wee bit higher than I'm used to, but they say that dairy fat is good for you so we'll see how this goes. 

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