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Jessica Smith's Thin in 10 Book Review 2 - Intermediate Exercise Plan

What it is and why I read it

Jessica Smiths's Thin in 10 Weight-Loss Plan is a concept that combines a bunch of little things that can be done in 10 minutes to help you meet your goals. The workouts are 10 minutes each and the food can be cooked in 10 minutes or less. The concept is great for people who have busy schedules. You can fit in 10 minutes before work, on a lunch break or after you get home. I already wrote a review of Thin in 10 by Jessica Smith, but when I wrote it, I hadn't done the exercises yet. I tested as a Novice, but I challenged myself to do the Intermediate Plan for the full seven day program. However, due to some plans that we had on Saturday, my seven day challenge did not take place in 7 consecutive days. I did it Tuesday through Friday and then Monday through Wednesday. I did the workouts from the DVD. I'll do this again with the workouts in the actual book, but It was too hard to try that since I needed to know what I was doing next. I certainly wouldn't have know if I had to read while workout out. 

Day 1

Strength Shot
Stretch and De-Stress

I loved the Walk and the Stretch and De-Stress. The strength shot was hard for me. Push ups, planks, squats and lunges. I was pretty sore after this. 

Day 2

Cardio Quickie
Core Conditioning

The Cardio Quickie was hard for me to do after the Strength Shot the day before. My shoulders and triceps were sore. This cardio routine uses the upper body for most of the movement. That was HARD to do while sore. 

Day 3

Total Body Band
Stretch and De-Stress

The Body Band stuff was hard since I was still sore from Tuesday and Wednesday. I made it through the workout and enjoyed the stretch again. 

Day 4

Cardio Quickie TWICE

I was not looking forward to doing this routine twice. I did them back to back instead of separating them up. It's better for me that way. This workout was hard, but I survived. It was easier this time than the first time. 

Day 5

Strength Shot TWICE

I was really dreading this day. I had to do the Strength Shot twice in a row. She says you can break them up, but I knew that it was either back to back or not gonna happen. I thought for sure that I would be dying the next day, but nope. I felt it, but it wasn't difficult to walk or use the toilet! With all the water that I drink, that last part is very important.  

Day 6

Total Body Band TWICE

This was another day that I wasn't looking forward to. I wasn't very sore from the day before, but I was a bit weak. I didn't put my all into the lunges I know that for sure. I also didn't use my resistance band for the whole workout. My shoulders just couldn't do it on the second time around. i used my weighted balls and some dumbbells. I did use the band for the ab thing and the cardio burst. 

Day 7

Stretch and De-Stress

This was pretty close to having a rest day. I did jog during the speed walking segments, but still, an easy 10 minute walk was great after the previous six days of this workout! I'm glad I took those two days off in the middle too. If I hadn't, I'm not sure if I would ave been able to continue.

Overall Thought

I liked the book, and the exercises on the DVD grew on me. My first time around, I think I was cursing her name. I said how the DVD was meant for people who were already in shape. After some careful though, I realized that I had tested as a Novice but I chose to do the Intermediate Plan. Yeah the Intermediate Plan is designed for people who've been exercising for a bit. I only picked the Intermediate plan because it had 30 minute workouts. I should have increased the cardio instead of increasing the rest, but I wanted to do the plan like she had it laid out and I wanted 30 minute workouts. I learned that I'm stronger today than I was a week ago. I learned that I can do amazing things that most people of my size probably wouldn't do. I'm glad I picked the Intermediate Plan. Getting through it gave me the confidence to buy a BeachBody workout called Les Mills Combat. It was on sale for pretty cheap, so I bought it. I'm looking forward to it coming in, but next week is all about cardio. We're going to climb to the top of Smith Rock, and I can't be sore or have muscle fatigue before that hike! It/s 3/4 of a mile up a pretty steep rock. 

The Results

On Monday the 26th, the day before I started this 7 day challenge, I weighed in at 294. After seven days of the exercise plan and two days of hiking, I weighed in at 291. I actually hit 290 a couple days ago, but at the end of the challenge, I was at 291. I also learned that it's not obnoxious or annoying to do multiple workouts in one morning. In the past, if I wanted to do a 10 minute Jessica Smith routine, I've just done the one routine thinking it was going to be annoying to do the one routine and then set up the next one. It's not annoying and it's a a good excuse for a water break. It also gives me the chance to catch my breath. In the future, hopefully I'll remember this and if I see a short workout I want to do, maybe I'll do that one and then add something to it. 

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