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Review of Beachbody Hammer & Chisel Day 3: Iso Strength Chisel

Day 3: Iso Strength Chisel

Today was day tree of Hammer and Chisel! I was looking forward to today's workout because it didn't involve balance or plyometrics! Autumn led this workout since it's part of the Chisel series and she didn't incorporate cardio into strength training. I was sooooooo excited about that. 

The workout lasted 35 minutes. It involved 8 exercises and they all followed the same format. We did 10 reps, then a 10 second hold, then 10 reps, then a 10 second hold, then 10 reps and a final 10 second hold. The warm up was pretty much the same one from Chisel Balance. There wasn't much of a cool down in this workout though because we stretched the muscle we worked right after we worked it. For example, the first move was Sumo Squats. After the final 10 second hold, we stretched each quad for about 10 seconds. It felt a bit weird ending with pretty much no cool down, but it was kind of nice too. 

The Exercises

Sumo Squat

We did the Sumo Squat with weights. I used 10 pounds in each hand. We could put our hands on our hips our out in front of us whichever was more comfortable. I put them on my hips. I went pretty deep into my Sumo Squats today! I may have gone too deep because my legs were pretty much fried for the split squat, but that's okay! I did well with these. Not much to say about them.

Push Up

I came up with the idea the other day that I was going to start doing push ups on the bench. It's a different modification to make it easier instead of going down onto my knees. Having  our upper body higher, puts more weight on your feet and less on your hands and it just makes it easier. I was able to do the first set of 10 up on the bench. I thought that was pretty awesome. I always do push ups on my knees, but I totally felt like I was doing real push ups since I was on my toes. Once we got to the hold though, it was all over. I just couldn't hold it. I then did the rest of the push ups and holds on the floor on my knees, but I feel accomplished! 

Split Squat

These were more of those Bulgarian Split Squats from Chisel Balance, but without the jump. We used one weight held up towards the chest for these. One leg was on the bench and the other was lunged forward. All of our weight was supposed to be on the front leg. The modifier did them with both feet on the floor, but the back leg was raised up a few inches after he came up from the lunge. I did that for the first set and then just kept my back foot on the floor for the rest. These were killer. Crazy crazy hard for me. I had to take breaks in between a few reps and I barely made it through the holds. I don't even think I went very deep. It was just torture. 

Pull Up

I don't have a pull up bar and I couldn't do a pull up if I had a bar. I have the door attachment for the band. The modifier who did them like that, did them in a lunge position. I got into the lunge position, but my calf wanted none of that, so I just got on the floor on my knees and did them there. I figured that it was more important to work my lats during these than my legs so I went with it. I didn't do these as fast as they did, so I probably didn't get a full 10 reps in. For some reason, I just can't keep count during these workouts. I had no problems counting in Body Beast, but in this I just can't. I kinda liked these. I used my purple stretchie band from my Walk Away the Pounds workouts. They don't have handles. It worked out pretty well and I think I'll be able to use this for the Hammer Plyometrics workout! Yay. 

Step Up Side Hold

We were supposed to stand on the bench with one foot and then step down to the floor with the other and then back up. We did a hold with kind of a squat. I used my step. It didn't give me as much lift, but I can't do step ups onto the bench. I thought the first set was pretty easy, but then they got harder after that, but that's kind of the nature of this type of workout. I need another set of risers so I can get more lift. I think I could do one more riser, but going up to the bench would be way too much. 

One Arm Row

We did these on the bench. We had one hand and one knee on the bench. The other foot was on the floor and the other hand had the weigh and did the work. I did 10 pound weights with these and OMG they were so hard by the end. I might use my kettlebell next time. 

Sit Up C Curve

We sat on the floor for these and held a weight in both hands up by the chest. Our knees were slightly bent, but she said that people with a tall torso might want straighter legs to get more counter balance. So we leaned back and formed a C with our spine. We went as low as we could and then came up. We did the hold in the back position. So these were pretty easy in the beginning, but then I realized that I was pushing the weight out in front of me instead of holding it close to my chest. Once I moved the weight closer to my chest, it got way harder!

Lateral Raise 

There were standard later raises. The hands went up at our sides. We did the 10 reps, 10 second hold, 10 rep, 10 second hold, 10 rep, 10 second hold. By the end of this move, my shoulders were killing me. I barely made it through these. I have weak shoulders and only used 2 pounds weights, but it was hard! OMG!

We stretched our shoulders and did one big inhale and then we were done! Short sweet and to the point. Update on my soreness.......My triceps, shoulders, chest and lats all still hurt. My hamstrings, quads and glutes all know that I worked out for the last couple days, but they don't really hurt. It's just a bit weak and a little tender if that makes sense.

The Worksheet

Polar M400 Screen Shots

My heart rate was a mess. The thing kept losing connection. That's so annoying. I have to tighten it down again I think. It's stretching out in some places. UGH!

Want to Learn More? Watch the video!

Here's a video so you can learn more about the workouts. Be sure to buy from a Team Beachbody Coach so you can get the free workout! If you don't have a coach, you can sign up with me as your coach. 

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