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Review of Daily Burn Day 51: Cardio Sculpt Kickin' It With Keaira

Day 51: Cardio Sculpt Kickin' It With Keaira

I was really excited to do yoga today, but I turned on Daily Burn to see if it was still active because I thought I should get every day out of it that I could. I looked over the Cardio Sculpt workouts that I hadn't done yet and picked Kickin' It with Keaira because I was pretty sore, but knew that I could handle kickboxing stuff. After the workout, I realized that I only had three left and figured I would just slam out all three of them in the afternoon. However, hubby came home from work sick so I didn't end up doing those last three. Maybe, my trial won't actually end today and I can do them tomorrow. :)

The workout was done in circuits, but it wasn't structured like with Anja's workouts. The workout was just under 37 minutes. I like the instructor, but I didn't like the format.

The workout started off with a warm up that included a Step Tap, Jabs, Hooks, Uppercuts, Cross Jabs and Palm Hand Strikes. 

The Challenge was Burpees! We did Burpees for a minute. I hate Burpees, but these weren't all that bad. It says something about my journey that I actually said Burpees aren't that bad. I lost count of how many I did. 

Circuit 1 started with the Boxer Shuffle. We did a lot of Boxer Shuffle during this workout. Then we did Jabs in a Single/Single/Double pattern. That lasted for a minute. More Boxer Shuffle. Then we did the Single/Single/Double pattern with Hooks. Shuffle. Single/Single/Double Upper Cuts. Shuffle. Single/Single/Double Cross. 

Circuit 2 started with a jog. Then we did more Palm Strikes. I have issues with these because I forget to turn my hand over when I pull it back. We did one strike to the front and then we stepped back and did a strike to the side. We did that for a minute. We then did the other side. 

Circuit 3 started with the Boxer Shuffle. Then we did Front Snaps, but they were just Front Kicks. We alternated them for a minute. Then we did more Boxer Shuffle. Then we did One Legged Front Snaps. We did not alternate these. We did one minute on each side. At some point while doing these, I realized that my knees were coming up pretty high! In the past when I've done front kicks, my knee barely made it to my hip height, but my knees got up to my belly button today! More Boxer Shuffle and then we did a front kick with a step back with the other foot. The advanced version involved touching one hand down as we stepped back. We did a minute on each leg. Then we rested! 

Circuit 4 started with the Boxer Shuffle! Then we did Side Kicks. We did one minute on each side. Then we did a Side Kick with a step out. The step out was just a step to the side with the non-kicking leg. We did the Boxer Shuffle between sides.

Circuit 5 started with a combo. We did a Jab with each hand, a Squat and a Front Kick. We alternated the legs that we were kicking. Then we did a Boxer Shuffle. Then we did a jab with each hand, a squat and a side kick. We alternated which leg we were kicking. 

Circuit 6 started with more Boxer Shuffle! Then we did an Uppercut with each arm followed by a standing side crunch. We put an arm up in the air and pulled it down as we pulled our leg up. More Boxer Shuffle.

Circuit 7 started with a Jab on each side, a Hook on each side, an Uppercut on each side and then a Bob and Weave. We ducked down and then shifted our weight to the other side. We did this for a minute. More Boxer Shuffle.

Circuit 8 started with Block upward, a hand strike forward and a side kick. We did each side for a minute. 

Circuit 9 started with the Boxer Shuffle. We then did the Jab and Rock. We jabbed to the front and rocked back. We did each side. We also did a 4-3-2-1 thing where we jabbed four times to the front and then four times to the side. Then we did 3 each then 2 each and then 1. We kept with that four the rest.

Then it was time for the cool down stretching stuff.

Overall, this workout felt like it took forever. The short circuits went relatively quickly, but because there were so many of them and there was no structure, it just felt eternal. I liked all of the stuff that we did and nothing was crazy hard, but it just seemed so long! 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here is the screen shot. I got 9 minutes of vigorous activity! Woot Woot! I'm pretty stoked about the 33 minutes of total activity too. We really did keep moving for the bulk of the workout. 

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