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Gaiam Power Up Yoga with Rodney Yee

Gaiam Power Up Yoga With Rodney Yee

This DVD had three different workouts. I did the first one last Sunday, but I never wrote about it. I did the other two today. They were all pretty short. This wasn't a beginner's workout, but it wasn't crazy hard either. He moved a bit quickly in these and it was hard to do the first one because I wasn't familiar with the poses. Doing the training workout in the beginner's DVD helped.  It was set in a gorgeous setting and he was on a raised platform. The music was calming. These were done with him being filmed and then doing a voice over with the instructions. This DVD had three different settings or the sound. There was a full instruction option, an inspirational option and a music only option. 


I did this one a week ago, so I'm a bit sketchy on the details. This one was about connecting to the earth and building strength and muscle tone. I remember it being physically challenging for my legs and my arms. I know we did some Warrior 1 and Warrior 3 and a Half Moon. There was some Vinyasa stuff with this one too. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here's the screen shot.


This one was is cardio focused according to the back of the DVD, but I don't remember it being much of a heart pumper. I don't even remember breathing heavy or breaking a sweat on this one. I do remember this one being physically challenging though. Although, it's hard to remember which moves I did in which workout between this one and the next one on this DVD. I did Camel for the first time today. That one was hard! We also did a Bow or a Reverse Bow. I can't remember which one is which, but I think we actually did both. We were laying face down and reached our hands back to grab our feet. Then we rolled to the side and then back center and then to the other side. Well, I didn't do the rolling thing, but they did. We also did Crow. Well, he did Crow. I did the crouching part, but I never got my feet off the ground. This workout was interesting because I was able to do something and felt really good about them, but other things I just couldn't do and I felt really sucky about that. I'm 266 pounds though and I've only been doing Yoga for like a month. Unless you count PiYo and then it started back in September, so I've been doing it for three months. I can't expect to do every move. 

I liked this workout even though it moved a bit fast. I want to find one where I have to hold the poses for extended periods of time. I might have to just get a book to learn the poses and then set a timer for myself. I like the flow stuff, but I really want to work on some static poses too. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here is the screen shot for the workout. Not very impressive especially since the back of the DVD said something about it being about cardio.


This one was focused on breathing. Imagine that. It had a lot of stretching and deep breathing. I really liked this one. I liked the calmness of it. We didn't do anything crazy challenging. Well, unless some of the moves that I think were in Energize were actually in this one. I love all of the stretching stuff, but this one had a lot of forward folding stuff and my hamstrings just suck! Tonight, I'm focusing on the hamstrings with my rolling and I'm doing that five minutes on my feet every day to see if that works. Oh, and my calves too. I've read that if your calves are tight, it could cause you to think your hamstrings are tight. I'm pretty sure it's not my back that's the problem since my standing forward folds are pretty killer. 

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This was a nice short workout. It would be great to do just before bed. 

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