Sunday, September 21, 2014

Review of Beachbody PiYo Day 20

Day 20: PiYo Sweat

Day 20 was Sweat! The first time I did Sweat it required 2 rest days! Since then, it hasn't been nearly as bad. This might have been my first time doing this workout with the yoga mat. Before the mat, my feet slipped, but my hands had a good grip on the floor. With the mat, my feet have a good grip, but my hands slip on the mat. I'm using my lifting gloves, but I have to leave them loose. It's not perfectly comfortable though since the seams press against the skin between my fingers. It's not very comfy when holding Down Dog. It's still better than sliding across the mat. 

We had a big hike planned for Sunday, so I did Strength Intervals on Friday and Sweat on Saturday. That could have been a mistake since Sweat is a killer leg workout. There are so many lunges and squats! My legs were pretty weak for the hike. It was a steep and difficult hike, but I think I should have been able to handle it a little bit better than I did. I had to stop a lot! Part of it was just needing to catch my breath, but part of it was my legs just not wanting to carry me up that hill! 

Back to the workout though. I'm getting better at this workout, but it's still quite challenging for me. My balance isn't where it needs to be yet. Warrior 3 is hard for me. I have to tap down way before them and my leg doesn't go up as far as theirs. Three Point Balance is another hard one for me. I've got contact with the ground with one foot and two hands, but I'm still flailing all over the place. I totally rock on those Split Down Dogs into Plank while tapping the raised ankle to the plant ankle. Those were really hard for me to do in the beginning and I wasn't even doing them right, but now I rock those! Once we start bringing the knee forward and then kicking the leg out to the side, I don't do so well. I have a hard time with one other thing too. She calls it a kick through. I can't describe it, but I suck at it. 

The workout went by relatively quickly with little trauma. I get to do this one again tomorrow. I'm pretty scared though since the hike kicked my butt! My hamstrings and glutes are not going to be having fun tomorrow if I do all of those lunges! Tuesday is Core or Hardcore on the floor. I'll decide which to do when I wake up. If I'm still sore, I'll go with Core since the known is always safer on a day when you're sore. Then it's Buns again. I've only done Buns once. It wasn't a favorite. I hope to enjoy it better the second time. Then, it's the dreaded Drench! People say that it's pretty intense and since I think all of them have been intense, I might due during Drench!

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here is the screen shot. It's another unimpressive one, but at least the BodyMedia thinks that I was moving for seven minutes. So far, this is the longest workout.  

Want to Learn More? Watch the video

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